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The group from Tuva, playing an organic fusion of musical traditions of Tuva, Siberia, Asia, with rock music. Her longtime leader and founder - guitarist and singer Albert Kuvezhin, which is also one of the founders of another well-known folk group from Tuva - Hong HurTu. The group is considered one of the founders of the direction of "ethno-rock". Some critics also describe the band's style as "ethno-punk" and "route-rock" (from angl.root - root), but in music there are also elements of jazz and classical. For more than 25 years of the group "Albert Kuvezhin and Yat-Kha," toured almost the entire Soviet Union, Russia and Siberia, gave concerts in many countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Participated in many international festivals. All studio albums reach the top ten international World Music and Ethno-Music charts, and drive "Poets and Lighthouses," was ranked first in the European Charts of World Music in early 2011. 
AgentTurna Ezgi Toros
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