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Gökdeniz Karakaya, also known by his stage name "XiR" has been making rap music since 2003. He made successful collaborations with established musicians of the Turkish rap scene both as a producer and as an MC, sharing his work with his listeners online. In 2010 he produced film scores and soundtracks for the TV series "Türk Malı" starring Şafak Sezer and Binnur Kaya and "Yahşi Cazibe" starring Peker Açıkalın and Hakan Yılmaz. In the same year he acted as a producer for "Sansar Salvo Ne" and "Merdiven Cru". He was accepted into the Music Technologies department of ITU State Conservatory in 2013. Unlike many mainstream rap albums, XiR presented musically valuable and catchy work. In 2015 his first album İz Öncesi came out under the label Dokuzsekiz, made in collaboration with Zafer Paydaş who handled the production. The album, consisting of nine tracks, featured popular rappers such as Sansar Salvo, No1, Heja, Asil as well as talented new comer of the industry, Şebnem Keskin. XiR had his breakthrough with his first single Angela Merkel released in late 2016 with Sony label. The song was featured in Turkey Top 50 and Turkey Viral lists on Spotify. XiR is currently continuing his work with Karaköy based rap band İstanbul Trip His last album XX was out September 2018 by Basemode records and Sony Music Turkey.
AgentAslıhan Erguvan
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