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The Mysterious House of Adventures
Illusion and acrobatics, aerial gymnastics and dance performances, comedy and live vocals on one stage, enhanced with state of the art visual effects, created specially for this show. The storyline will intrigue the audience as it unfolds. Spectators will empathize to characters of the mysterious house. 
Cheerful tourist Alex got lost and ended up in a mysterious house. There he will meet odd, but seemingly harmless inhabitants.
As Alex is getting to know them closer, he will find out that among the residents there are vampires, an old witch, a mad professor, a werewolf, and many other mystical characters. House of Mysterious Adventures is a comedy show suitable for the whole family, the storyline unveils with the non-verbal performances and universal language of choreography, acrobatics, music, humor and magical tricks. It is easily adapted to other audiences around the world. 
In addition to the entertaining storyline the audience will be delighted by artists performance level. 
Circus performers, magicians, dancers, comedians and singers will daze and astonish the spectators .
On the stage of the House there are best circus artists of Ukraine, who are also successfully performing on the prestigious stages of Europe and Asia.Charming live vocal performances, ingenious choreography and original costumes complement the perfect show
As soon as the spectators step into the concert hall foyer, they are immersed into the mystic ambiance created by scenery, decor, music and special effects.
AgentAyşem Balay
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