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Susheela Raman
As a singer, composer and curator, she moves between genres, across frontiers into new spaces with uncanny ease.  Born to South Indian parents in London and raised in Australia, she is about release her seventh studio album (‘Ghost Gamelan') and is known for her beguiling and her incandescent and otherworldly stage presence . As the Guardian said Susheela was “wildly original, passionate and dangerous” . A song-driven artist, she has the rare ability to shape-shift from a Sanskrit Mantra to a Throbbing Gristle cover and to one her own borderless compositions, which vary from roots-infused melodic to twelve-tone and experimental. Though her music has sometimes been described as ‘World’, categorisation does sit easily with her and prefers to call it ‘unearthly’, which captures more of its magical and enigmatic character. 
AgentAyşe Savcı
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