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Spearmint / Shirley Lee 
Spearmint is one of the best indie pop band in their style in London. Their music has a Northern Soul energy with brilliant tunes, hunting instruments and poignant lyrics. Bringing pop, indie guitar and some wonderful keyboards, backing vocals in perfection. The band is formed in North London in 1995, and released a series of singles between 1995 and 1998. Songs For The Colour Yellow -a compilation of singles- was released in 1998 on Rough Trade Japan/UK. Their debut album proper, 'A Week Away', was re-leased in 1999 to massive critical acclaim. 2001 and 2002 saw the band recording and releasing their sophomore album, 'A Different Lifetime', which was named album of the year by Uncut. Spearmint released 'My Missing Days' in 2003 than 'A Leopard And Other Stories' in 2004 and the new album 'Paris In A Bottle' is released in August 2006.c. Germany.
Shirley Lee, the british singer-songwriter, one fifth of the British indie icons, Spearmint . His solo career started in 2009 by his first solo album "Shirley Lee" According to Lee, The album was made by Spearmint, although it was planned as a solo work with personal batch of song. His second album "Winter Autumn Summer Spring", was released in June 2011 and it is full of wonderful sons, interesting lyrics and personal emotions. "I wanted a more natural, simple, soulful feel to go with the content of the album, as it is mainly love songs, and I think we got this." Lee says about the album.
Agent: Milica Jevđenijević
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