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Nilipek. is an Istanbul-based singer-songwriter who blends her own stories with common
emotions while singing calmly on a music that varies from acoustic pop to alternative rock.
After singing in different bands for years, in 2013 she decided to focus on her own songs and
get together with Ozan Tekin for her first album. Released on November 2015, her debut
album "Sabah" has been counted as one of the best alternative albums of the year. After two
years, she recorded her second studio album "Döngü" with Can Aydınoğlu (guitars), Ozan
Tekin (keys), Umut Çetin (bass) and Berkay Küçükbaşlar (drums). "Döngü" was released at the
end of the 2017. After Sabah (2015) and Döngü (2017), Nilipek. released her third studio
album, which she describes as "the most intimate album of her", in April 2020. "mektuplar",
(means 'letters') which is released in two parts, tells two connected but different stories
through letters written by the main character. While asking questions on the society,
relationships, intimacy, expectations and gender roles, these letters are not scared of their
own fragility, and while vocalizing these letters, Nilipek. is not afraid of asking hard questions
and facing both herself and the opposite. The album references different genres musically and
aims to create a concrete and timeless space for these letters, like the concept of the 'letter'
itself; keeping the familiar and the uncanny together in a eerie nostalgia.
Agent: Buyçe Sümer 
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