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Mind Shifter
"Electronica, synth-pop and synthwave trio, Mind Shifter who aims to challenge what is popular in music, says: “You hear what you would like to hear.” The idea of Mind Shifter as a solo project rose from a tragic traffic accident. During the long healing period, Orhan Yilmaz, the founder, has discovered his alter ego which eventually has shaped the twist in his music. Mind Shifter is about breaking the habits and giving the glory back to the emotions. It stepped into the already crowded music galaxy as the new mind blower. In 2013, the debut album, “Disconnected Space” and in 2014, “Another Life” (EP) were released by long time partners Partapart Records. In the course, Meric Ersecgen joined the band and they produced ‘Welcome’ (EP) in 2015. They premiered their music video “Everything Is A Dream“ featuring La Dee Eda. In 2016 Mind Shifter became official Roland Synth Artist and released “Forbidden” and “Lost In The Sky” Roland live session videos. In March 2017 the band signed to Charmenko as their global booking agency. In June 2017 the band released “Horizon” (EP) and Horizon music video. And with this EP the Mind Shifter is extremely happy to announce the legendary drummer and Roland artist Burak Gurpinar joined the band. Over past years the band released remixes of Astrofella, Juveniles, Gorkem Han Jr, Portecho, The Away Days, Saint Kitten and share the stage with artists like Trust, Jaako Eino Kalevi and Telefon Tel Aviv. Started as a truly personal project, Mind Shifter is progressing and developing as a band in contrast to its origin. The band already started working on their second full length album planned to be released in 2019.
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