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Micah P. Hinson
Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Hinson is an old fashioned trouble man who fell pray to drugs and loose women, winding up homeless, destitute and incarcerated by the time most of his peers were filling in college applications. Music was his saviour, and since his 2003 debut, he’s pieced together a life for himself in his sleepy hometown, even proposing to his now wife live onstage in London. 
Currently riding a fertile creative patch (he’s already started working on a new album, he’s completing a set of Spanish EPs and he’s just released a Spanish-language novel), everything that’s happened to him so far is apparent in latest album ‘And The Pioneer Saboteurs’, his most fully realised work to date. “I hope people find hope in these songs,” says Micah. “I hope they find comfort. All things that lead to a good, happy existence while we are stuck on this revolving ball. And if they don't find that, I hope it shows them how much better they are than some poor, sappy Texas boy.”

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