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Metá Metá
São Paulo trio Metá Metá fuses punk, jazz, samba, Afrobeat and candomblé into a compelling, visceral whole, permeated with Brazilian song, orixá chants and Yoruba roots. Guitarist Kiko Dinucci, saxophonist/flautist Thiago França and singer Juçara Nunes are on a continuing journey through the connected cultural strains of the 21st century.
Their 2011 debut Metá Metá began with a smooth blend of Afro-samba, gathering in intensity until a sudden Brazilian Afrobeat finale.
The following release resumed the journey, adding bass and drums and featuring pioneering Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen on two tracks.
Their third album, MM3, took matters further, bringing in musical influences from a visit to Morocco and thematically taking aim at their country’s political crisis, pushing the mood from brooding Braziliana to squalling jazz-punk thrash-outs. It has to be done and Metá Metá do it with flamboyant skill. 
AgentSara Gigante
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