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“Over these spirited, powerful tempos, Lura continues to express the silent tears of ancient songs, the secrets of batuque and the rebel prayer she carries in her heart.”
Herança (Heritage) perfectly follows the natural progression of Lura’s discography after Di Korpu ku Alma (2004), M’Bem di Fora (2006) and Eclipse (2009), as well as her Best of (2010) parenthesis, where she notably duetted with Cesaria Evora on “Moda Bô”. Reflecting Lura’s constant return to her roots, the latest opus plunges us us into the vital essence of the singer’s identity. The album explores the most sublime, sacred facets of batuque and funaná as Lura brings her own special universality to those traditional Cape-Verdean beats.
Herança gives us a chance to reconnect with the intensity of Cape Verde and its people, traditions and music, all reflected in the art of the most melodious, charismatic singer of an entire generation of Cape-Verdean performers.
AgentBuyçe Sümer
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