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Ivo Dimchev
Ivo Dimchev’s reputation has been firstly as a choreographer, dancer, and performance artist, while his songs have been ornaments for his dance and theatre works. Then in 2016, just as an experiment, after making more than 30 shows, he took 15 of those songs and presented them together in concert. Everyone there realised that these ornaments are actually examples of very beautiful and unique songwriting. This became his first album 'Songs from my shows’. Inspired by the creative possibilities, he started writing songs meant to stand by themselves. They became the 2017 album ‘Sculptures’ (produced by Kan Wakan). Then, based on the album, he created a dance production of the same name together with 4 dancers which premiered at Vienna's National Theatre and then played at many European theatre and dance festivals. Since then, he has given concerts in many countries drawing on a songbook of more than 50 songs.

Graced by a voice which can make stones cry, and a stage persona which is nothing less than outrageous, his concerts are unique, uncompromising, provocative and moving events.
Agent  : Ayşem Balay
E-Mail :
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