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In Hoodies

In Hoodies is the moniker of Turkish indie artist Murat Kılıkçıer. Performing with Turkey’s prominent musicians, In Hoodies is known for his rich melodies, intricate lyrics, both intimate and cathartic live shows and his way of involving different art forms in music.
 Apart from two solo London shows the live band has played at some of Turkey’s finest music venues and festivals such as Salon IKSV, Babylon, Bomontiada, DasDas, One Love Festival, Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival (opening for Brazzaville), Istanbul Jazz Festival, MIX Festival, Nilüfer Müzik Festivali, ODTU (METU), BOUN, Kontra Record Store (at International Record Store Day Event), Soho House Istanbul and reached a wide audience .
Agent: Buyçe Sümer
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