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Hitler (rejoice for we are absolved) 
A performance in the first place about Hitler and the roots of anti-Semitism, but in the second place about the 'ordinary men' who carried out the orders. Rather than shocking with a bombardment of violent sound and images, we try to open a nervous space for contemplation. A performance about Hitler is inevitably disturbing but the disturbance should be deep not superficial, not the disturbance of shock rather the disturbance of the deepest self-doubt, so that we all have occasion to look inside ourselves. Spectators require spectacle, that isn’t our intention. We all have to grapple with our complicity in such horrors, however far removed in time and geography we might seem - horrors which may seem relatively innocuous in their germination. It’s easy to distance ourselves by putting the War and the Holocaust in boxes labelled ‘knowledge’ and ‘history’, not so easy perhaps to see how we are also violent and prejudiced through our culture and psyches, not so easy to see that it wasn’t Hitler and the Nazi leaders who carried out the massacres but the ‘ordinary men’ who interpreted, transmitted and carried out the orders (often unwritten). And those ‘ordinary men’ perhaps, if not for accidents of birth, could have been us.
Agent: Turna Ezgi Toros