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Guardians of Dreams
Guardians of Dreams is a unique high-tech fantasy play that merges startling contemporary dance performance, breathtaking acrobatics and mesmerizing 3D mapping effects. 
The original winter fairy tale is suitable for a wide audience and can be universally understood without any translation. 
During the span of two seasons, show captured the hearts of thousands of Ukrainians and earned the distinction of the most popular winter show in the country 
Guardians of Dreams is a story of a homeless boy, Max, who falls into a fairytale land to save Magic Star. In the wonderland Max meets new fairytale friends who are helping him defeat the dark dragon and his demons and save the Magic Star. 
The show not only captures the emotions of young viewers but manages to captivate the demanding adult audience.
Renowned Ukrainian musician Dmitriy Shurov composed the soundtrack, helping enhance the emotional resonance.
AgentAyşem Balay
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