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Fulu Miziki
Eco-Friendly-Afro-Futuristic-Punk-Ensemble Fulu Miziki is a Kinshasa based band that transmutes trash into art, upcycling materials sourced from garbage, throw-outs and repair shops into ingenious instruments and spectacular costumes. The collective was convened in Kinshasa in 2003 by Pisko Crane, designer and constructor of the band’s unique instruments: guembris built from computer casing, jerry-can drum-kit, keyboard inventions from wood, springs and aluminum pipes, and all lengths of plastic tubes slapped at one end with the rubber soles of discarded flip-flops.

From this they manifest steamroller trance grooves, driving songs conveying the ecological imperative to clean up the earth, delivered by all its charismatic artists. All band members participate in making their own phantasmagorical costumes and head-masks that accompanies Fulu Miziki’s core ideology of liberating the creative mind at its all aspects. Fulu Miziki’s style simultaneously cross-referencing traditional African power figures, sorcery, pop, consumerism, Funkadelic and the Sun Ra Arkestra. For Fulu Miziki, everything can be recovered and re-enchanted.
Agent: Milica Jevđenijević
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