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Eis Ten Polin
Unmastered draft songs, mixes and running order for Eis Ten Polin's album 'Wild Flowers of Anatolia' recorded at Deneyevi, Istanbul, over August 14th-22nd, 2013 with the vocals completed at KNSM, Amsterdam, over November 25th-December 2nd, 2013. The album needs 2 CDs, probably the first 11 tracks will be on the first CD, and the second 11 tracks will be on the second CD. The musicians are Murat Ertel (saz), Nikolai Galen (voice) & Gökçe Gürçay (drums & percussion), with Dolf Planteijdt playing guitar on 2 songs. The album was produced by Dolf Planteijdt & Nikolai Galen. The Istanbul recordings were engineered by Taylan Özdemir & Emre Nişancı. The Amsterdam recordings were engineered by Dolf Planteijdt. The songs were mixed by Dolf Planteijdt and Nikolai Galen. The songs were written by Murat Ertel & Nikolai Galen. The lyrics were written by Nikolai Galen. The lyrics are being translated into Turkish by Nazım Dikbaş. Artwork images will be by Emir Uras. Artwork design will be by Gülşah Soyluer.
AgentPelin Furuncı
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