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Edgar Tones & The Su'sis
Edgar Tones is the brand-new project by Vlado dZihan – from dZihan & Kamien fame. Edgar Tones is based on the title of his track “Stiff Jazz” (dZihan & Kamien “Gran Riserva” 2002), a pioneering mix of jazz and electronic music back in the day. Now, Edgar Tones has resurfaced with even more ebullient testimonies to life and dance after delving still deeper into the intriguing worlds of jazz and electronica to exploit the smooth cool of early jazz enmeshed with the vibrant sounds of now.
 EDGAR TONES is a sophisticated and scrumptious brew of jazz and electronic music. EDGAR TONES is about stylish ease. What kind of music is it?
 Well, it’s not serious music... It’s fun. It’s amusing. It’s grotesque but tasty! It’s both simple and sophisticated, spiced with some enchanting music flavours. It’s exciting and entertaining and there’s nothing straight-faced about it. Or perhaps there is? What it definitely is, is about cheerful faces bouncing along with the groove. And with that, mission accomplished!
Edgar Tones is about personal style, fun and good times!
AgentLevent Pekel
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