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Helsinki-based VIRTA is known for immersive live shows and the extraordinary electroacoustic music they create. The way the band crafts their unique identity from elements of ambient electronica into nordicjazz, post-rock and psychedelia, results in a captivating, submersive musical experience that transcends genres.
VIRTA, founded in 2011 by childhood friends Erik Fräki (drums, percussion, vocals, electronics), Antti Hevosmaa (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals, electronics) and Heikki Selamo (guitar, bass, lap steel, vocals, electronics) has released two critically acclaimed albums Tales from the Deep Waters (Tourist Information, 2012) and Hurmos (Svart Records, 2016).
After being in metamorphosis for the past years, the trio is about to release their long awaited third album Horros via Svart Recordson October 6th, 2023. With the upcoming album VIRTA dives deeper into the twilight zone, reaching towards still uncharted soundscapes.

Agent: Buyce Sümer