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In just two years, Belgian 22-year-old Selah Sue has gone through a stellar ascent from an unknown artist publishing home-recorded song drafts via Myspace. After a few LP’s in 2011, she released her first full album ‘Selah Sue’ and it is mind blowing! Her voice is just unique, the music chill and relaxing without being simplistic or boring.Her ambitious debut album was produced by Nneka at Patrice, a tasteful blend of electric rock, soul-funk and hip-hop, and her first single “Raggamuffin” became an online hit with over a million views. Selah’s lyrics are white but her voice sounds black and illuminates each track. Oftenly referred as the “white girl who rhymes like a Jamaican”, Selah Sue belongs to a new generation to whom music has no boundaries.

Agent: Ayşem Balay