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Raining Spiderlings is a text and sound art project by Sarmen Almond and Nikolai Galen. Almond is a singer, musician and composer living in Mexico City. Galen is a singer, actor and writer living in Istanbul. The project includes voice and electronics and, sometimes, instruments. Sometimes working with words, sometimes without. For the first album, Superstition, Galen wrote fourteen texts around a loose theme of superstition, and recorded them as spoken poems. There are poetical rhythms but no strict, musical rhythms. Almond freely reworked the recordings electronically, and that process led to the album. The name Superstition lifted, so to speak, from Panthéâtre’s 2021 Myth & Festival of the same name. Superstition will be released in early 2023 on Corbett vs. Dempsey.
The Spiderlings hope that the spoken word pieces, transformed into music, hang together and bear repeated listenings where meanings can unfold in complexity.

Agent: Ayberk İnce