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Turning junk into music!

Once, there was a harmonious order of nature; where humanity lived in harmony with the natural world rather than in a suicidal relationship where we are hellbent on destroying the very home we live in.

A symptom of that destruction is mountains of ubiquitous plastic waste – in our oceans and waterways, on our urban land and in our countryside. Upcycling and recycling help us realise a sustainable future.

In our music we take junk – the discarded detritus of our ‘civilisation’ – and turn it into instruments for making music which we fill with love of nature.

Trash Oriental – Music

We call our concerts ‘Trash oriental’ – the music made by Fungistanbul playing instruments we’ve made from junk.

Roni Aran (Potsaz & Cansaz)
Serhat Ayebe (Potbass, Canbass, Tarbasin)
Herman Artuç (Pipe Bongo, Candrum, Whistle Bottle)

Agent: Buyçe Sümer