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In their formative years the band occupied an abandoned town hall in East London. United by an affinity for post rock, synth pop and electronica, the four piece spent six months refining their sound before performing in underground venues across London.
Within months the haunting, ethereal soundscapes captured the attention of audiences and industry alike, but it wasn’t until the release of the debut album “How to be a child and win the war” that the four piece gained international recognition. The favourable reviews and beautifully crafted videos helped harvest a devoted fanbase from all corners of the globe.
2010 saw the band embark on a tour of Europe with Interpol and Archive furthering the bands popularity. One of those encapsulated by the sound was renowned producer Alan Parsons who proclaimed “they could be the next Radiohead.”
Together they produced the bands second album ‘Enduring days you will overcome.’ The Guardian review stated “Bleak and broody music has never been quite so thrilling.” The album is a amalgamation of various musical influences shot through with stories of anarchy, love and freedom.
In 2015 the band performed in Syntagma square in a stance against austerity. The event was witnessed by half a million people in Athens and was broadcast internationally. The following day the band performed with The Prodigy in Greece’s most renowned music festival before returning to the UK to perform the summer festival circuit.
In 2016 the band released the “Love EP” which was once again coproduced by Alan Parsons followed by a promotional tour and headline appearances in some of Europes most renowend festivals.
In September 2019 they released their third album “Under a common sky.”

Agent: Buyçe Sümer