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Cloud of I is the musical vision of Singer, Songwriter, and sound healing facilitator Yuli Shafriri, this vision is to create a bridge between urban electronic indie and Ethnic Medicine soulful music from around the world. Yuli’s tender hypnotic voice Together with her remarkable full live band creates an immersive unique sound that takes the crowd from meditative states, riding on pulsating waves all the way to a full-on celebration of high energy African drumming and Psychedelic Saharan guitar solos. They Released Their first EP “Gazing” in May 2021 With Batov Records, a London based Label, the EP was played on radio stations worldwide including BBC 6 and sold as a Vinyl with great success. Cloud Of I see the patterns of nature and earth as their biggest inspiration and their music is a sound journey that reflects that. Echoing sounds from the middle east to India, all the way to psychedelic rock and roll and Electronic Indie, they create a truly trance inducing experience that cradles and roars.

Agent: Misha