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“Feast your ears on an Italian group that cooks up an exotic blend of cross-cultural ingredients.”
Dore Stein, Tangent Radio, USA
The Palermo, Italy-based worldbeat group Agricantus took their name from the Latin expression for "song of the wheat fields"; 
Agricantus' music combines a dizzying array of traditional world music forms from across the globe not only with each other, but with club-ready electronic dance grooves, producing a compelling juxtaposition between old and new. Their first U.S. release was the 1999 compilation The Best of Agricantus.

"Akoustikòs” is Agricantus’ new artistic project – a journey through various places full of evocative perfumes, colors and atmospheres. Born out of their meeting with Sicilian pianist and vocalist Anita Vitale, the project revisits the band’s earlier repertoire with new ears, creating new music and songs with intense emotional power. The use of electronics, always a signature feature of the band, is here only to complement the gentle, organic and natural sound of the voices and instruments.
Agent: Sara Gigante
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